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Sandy Edmonds (birth name Rosalie Edmondson) was a pop star, pin-up girl and TV personality in the 1960s before abandonning her career to go travelling and eventually run her own fashion business in Melbourne.

Rosalie Edmondson arrived in New Zealand in 1964 from Liverpool, as a 15 year old schoolgirl. She made the NZ Herald later that year when heard to call out "Up the Pool" during a lull in the noise at The Beatles' Auckland show, prompting Paul McCartney to comment: "We’ve got a scouse in the audience lads." Finishing school later that year Edmonson took up work as a dental assistant prior to embarking on a pop career, having been discovered singing "La Bamba" with the band at a local nightclub.

Edmonson was encouraged to change her name to Sandy Edmonds in reference to her sandy blonde hair. She released a number of singles on the Zodiac label and made appearances on TV shows including "New Faces", the children's show "Ho Heave Ho" and a residency alongside Mr. Lee Grant on the "C'mon" Show. She became something of a fashion icon frequently gracing the pages of magazines such as "Woman's Weekly" and promoting clothes and cosmetics. Towards the end of the 1960s Sandy was becoming increasingly disillusioned with the entertainment business and closed the door on her career to go travelling for a number of years before finally settling in Melbourne and starting a new career as a fashion designer.



1965 Oh No, Not My Baby/I Don't Understand - Zodiac Z45/1214
1965 Come See Me/Now That You've Made Up Your Mind - Zodiac Z45/1261
1965 Give Him My Love/Now That You've Made Up Your Mind - Zodiac Z45/1246
1965 Listen People/La Bamba - Zodiac AZ-1027
1966 Please Don't Switch Off The Moon Mr Spaceman/I Love Onions - Zodiac Z45/1269
1967 Daylight Saving Time/Power of Love - Festival FNZK 4
1967 When You Walk in the Room/One Day Like Today - Festival FNZK-8


1967 The Sound of Sandy - Festival SFL-932233
Sunny There Will Never Be Another You This Empty Place
1968 Sandy - Festival FLZ-32902

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